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    Junior Member diabolical1 is on a distinguished road

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    Default Brake rotor sources

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to get a feel from you guys where to purchase stock-spec brake rotors. My brakes are horrendous and I will need to address it as soon as I can. However, money is an issue this time, which is the only reason I'm asking this question. I buy all my Toyota parts from Conicelli, but are there any better deals lurking around out there? I'm also going to go and price the local commercial parts shops to compare, but thanks for any responses.


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    OEM spec, or OEM? Big difference.

    Best Toyota parts supplier I've found is 1sttoyotaparts.com. Lower prices than Conicelli or Partznet, and usually lower shipping (charge 10% of order).

    For non-Toyota replacements:
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    i recently bought new front rotors and preium brake pads from napa autoparts for a total of $90, but i also have a business discount from them cause of my work

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    Junior Member Oz^ is on a distinguished road Oz^'s Avatar

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    any1 bought rotors off ebay? I know that some sellers buy non-drilled/slotted rotors and drill them and try and sell them on ebay. Any trustworthy sellers for rotors on ebay u guys know about? thanks

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    Oz^, I just recently purchased some rotors on eBay. If you go to www.ebay.com and type in IRotors, then go to their store and u can see they sell rotors for 90-99 celicas. The shipping takes a while, its great product. They screwed up my order but I'm keeping the rotors anyways. Its relivately cheap too. $199 US for the rotors, $75 shipping. Thats for 4 crossdrilled/slotted rotors with zinc plating, so its a decent deal.
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