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CelicaTech FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

What engines can I put in my Celica?

3S-GTE (Celica GT-Four / MR-2 2.0L I4)

BEAMS 3S-GE (Celica I4)

4A-GZE (I4)
4A-GE 20 valve (AE101 I4)

2AZ-FE (Scion tC 2362cc I4)

3T-GTE (1.8L I4)

1MZ-FE (Camry / Lexus 3.0L V6)

7M-GTE/GE (1986.5-1992 Supra 3.0L I6)

1JZ/2JZ - GTE/GE (1993-1998 Supra 3.0L I6)

1G-GTE (GZ20 Soarer 2.0L I6)

1UZ-FE (Lexus LS400 / SC400 4.0L V8)

Are these engines my only options?

Of course not! The possibilities are nearly endless, limited only by your mind and wallet. If you are determined to install some other engine in your Celica, it is most likely possible if you have enough money. This brief list represents the swaps that are easiest to accomplish, and have been proven to work.

How do I read the engine codes?

Toyota engine codes are typically formed in two sections, each separated by a dash. The first section, before the dash, represents the particular engine family, while the section after the dash represents the engines particular attributes and features.

Engine Family: The first number represents the revision of the particular engine block, where a larger number indicates a newer revision. The letter(s) following this number indicate a particular block family, bore, and stroke.

Engine Attributes and Features: Each letter represents an indicative feature of the engine.

G = Wide angle, twin cam head ("sporty version")
F = Narrow angle, twin cam head ("economical" version)
T = Turbocharged
Z = Supercharged
E = Fuel Injection
U = Japan Emission package
C = California Emission package

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