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  • Power cable and good connections

    Ok thought I would throw a little write up in the mix of power wire connections.
    First off all 4 guage cable is not created equal. Examples are pics 1 and 2

    pics are taken with the same cable lug and I had to hold the lug on the cable for the first picture or it would fall off because of the low wire count. Pic 2 shows a better quality cable and the lug fits snug

    An moving on, we all know a good sodier connection can't be beat but.. how can we making it better?
    This is how!
    Fill the lug with sodier.

    Heat it up.

    stick the cable in with the lug hot and sodier melted and it will wick into the cable locking it together (some would consider this done) Many will also pre heat the wire but I choose not to so that the isulation stays nice.
    I actualy tested this connection to see if I could break it free but could not.

    How can we make this better?
    CRIMP it too!!!

    Now if this connection is to be under the hood I would recomend some heat shrink on the connection to seal out the elements
    Here I am using Waytek wire's Super heavy duty heatshrink with a epoxy sealent (overkill but works for my needs) Ensure that the heat shrink covers the insulation and the connector to ensure a water tight seal.

    So what would you choose?


    Hope this helped someone out.
    For this write up waytekwire.com was used for the lugs, heatshrink and heavy duty crimper and Knu Konceptz is the brand of the good cable shown.
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