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  • Fog Light Rewire

    After reading some other write up on re-wiring your foglight relay, I decided to do it a different way. It much easier and works better than running a 5' wire under the carpet and wedging it into a fuse, seriously, there are simple wire splice connectors.

    Anyway I wanted mine to be able to come on whenever I want as long as the ignition is on, so first off I looked for a hot wire only when the ignition is on. It just so happened that this wire is hot (has power) only when ignition is on, so it will also be fused.

    You will cut the smaller of the two white wires with red tracers, this wire should only be hot when the low beams are on, that is what tells the relay to turn on.

    I chose to use a sodder/shrink wrap connecter to cover up the other end that you cut to keep it from shorting out. Then tapped the wire that was connected to the relay into the hot wire.

    Wala, fog lights when I want, and if I forget to turn them off, they will still be off if the ignition isn't on! Pics to come soon.

    Relay pulled, cut the small red/white wire

    This is the wire I found to be hot with ignition on

    Here's what it looks like with the wire coming from the relay to the hot wire.

    All done... :thefinger

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