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  • Toyota starter problems and repair

    Toyota starter problems and repair

    Ok all of you that have had problems with a Toyota starter in the past this info is for you. The typical Toyota starter will cost you anywhere between $150. to $300. to replace not including the cost for labor. If you have any mechanical experience than you can probably do the repair for about $8.00.

    The typical problem is with the solenoid. After time the contacts in the solenoid are actually burnt away from the high current arching between the plunger and the feed contact. Signs of this are failure to start when you still have power, a faint or no clicking sound from the starter when attempting to start.

    Once you have determined that the starter has the fault and you decide to do this repair yourself you will need a metric socket set, some sandpaper or steel wool, a clean work table (the wife will not like this on the kitchen table).

    Start by disconnecting the battery and isolate the battery contact so that the stiff cable will not slowly migrate back to the terminal and do harm. Depending on your car you may need to lift it or you may be able to access the starter from under the hood. *****Note- If you cannot find your starter do not try this yourself***** remove the starter starting with removing the battery cable from the starter (12mm nut on the terminal) . Remove the small wire with the quick disconnect. Then remove the starter (use a Haynes or Chiltonís manual if you are having difficulties.

    Once you have the starter sitting in front of you it may be a good idea to clean it.
    (I have found that spraying it down with simple green will loosen any dirt and oil after soaking for about 10 minutes)
    Once the starter is clean and dry remove the 3 small screws (8mm) from the solenoid cover plate. Pop off the cover plate and look into the solenoid hole. Observe how the plunger is associated and then remove it and the spring under it.
    Notice on the underside lip of the plunger the rough surface (sandpaper will smooth it out) inside you will see 2 copper contacts and one or both may look very bad. Re move them one at a time being observant to which one goes where.

    Here is the hard partÖ. Using new contacts put it all back together. Make sure that when you install the contacts that they are completely flat and even inside the hole or they will cause problems with starting later. Put the spring and plunger back in and then reinstall cover plate and screws (not to tight on the screws or they will break.)

    Reinstall the starter in reverse order of the way you removed it.

    Done!, Arenít you glad you saved a couple of hundred dollars?

    link for starter contacts and additional writeup.
    My 4afe starter used one of the type b and one of the type c listed on the site.
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