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CelicaTech - How-to: Power Steering High Pressure Hose Upgrade
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  • Power Steering High Pressure Hose Upgrade

    Custom Built PS hose:
    Here's a tip that's not very hard to do and will save you $$ when repairing the Power Steering High Pressure Hose.

    I used a grinder and Dremel tool to remove the old crimps from my leaky OEM PS high pressure hose but retained the factory OEM fittings. Took me a little over an hour or so. Work carefully and try not to cut or grind into the original fittings. I nicked mine a few times but it was still OK.

    Took it to my friendly neighbourhood hydraulic hose shop. They crimped on new ferrules and a higher-than-spec, wire-reinforced hose for only $14, taxes in. Sure beats paying $80 for a jobber hose or $150+ for a weak, non-reinforced Toyota OEM hose.

    Here's how the fittings look disassembled below:

    The hose is double-wire braid reinforced, rated @ 4800 psi.

    Funny, the shop guy realized after he made it that it was a bit of over engineering, but it'll never leak again
    Previously, I've also used the single-wire hose that was rated @ 2600 psi - more than adequate and what I'd recommend because it has a bit more flex.

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