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  • How-to Tighten Loose Windows

    My windows were getting exceptionally loose so I decided to tighten them.
    It did not take long at all, and was very easy.

    Tools Required:
    12mm wrench
    Phillips Screwdriver
    Slot Screwdriver

    I thought I took pictures of the two screws under that panel but I must of deleted it w/o realizing

    Now all the screws should be removed. Check to make sure I didn't miss anything. You can now pop all the plastic clips, just tug around the outsides of the panel, do not force anything or you may break something. Once they are all popped out lift out (away from door) at bottom and push up (towards door). This should unclip everything and the panel should be yours.

    When tightening the pads ensure you are not over-tightening. If you hear the window makes noise STOP! Tighten a little bit at a time and roll window up and down. Continue doing this until happy with your new window tightness. Hope this helps guys.
    Any feedback??
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    I'm not sure about that.. But email or call them, and they will hook you up,

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