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    In theory all I have to do is put Chaos back together and she will drive... Does that make me the winner?

    This is

    "Chaos Theory"

    Murgatroy 1 Day Ago Go to last post

    Leia will break first for sure.

    "Chaos Theory"

    bloodMoney 1 Day Ago Go to last post

    I've modded our original wii a long time ago so we have all the games available there. Now to figure out how to do the same on this new 3dsXL...

    "Chaos Theory"

    4thgenceli 1 Day Ago Go to last post

    The prices I'm seeing, I would say you're on the right path Tim.

    "Chaos Theory"

    Nitro_Alltrac 2 Days Ago Go to last post

    Try CarPart. You may be able to find a st185 getting parted there or on alltrac.net. I've seen a couple there in the last few months.

    Another e153 thread

    4thgenceli 2 Days Ago Go to last post
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