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I posted this in the mod forum a week ago...

if we ever get an FAQ forum... this should be in there... I want you guys to use and review this...because it may be flawed in some places ?


Turbo charging a 5sfe FAQ:
Parts List:

Big parts:

3sgte exhaust manifold
3sgte turbocharger (CT-26 or CT-20b)...twin entry is better
Aftermarket downpipe or a stock 3sgte turbo elbow + primary cataletyc converter
3sgte oil pan
MK3 Supra stock intercooler (good size front mount for the celica)


Oil return line from the turbo to the oil pan (stock 3sgte)
Oil feed line from the head where the oil pressure sending unit is located (custom)
Water lines for cooling the turbo (custom)... the throttle body heater circuit is a good place to tap for coolant
Intake plumbing from the filter to the turbo and from the turbo through the after cooler and to the throttle body (custom)
If u have a pcv without a valve (like my 1991 celica) then u need a breather filter and u have to cap the throttle body side of the pcv hose.
Blow off valve of your choice (get one with a weldable flange)
** The toyota turbo has it's internal wastegate so don't worry about that.

Fuel and ignition:

Get some NGK BKR7EVX-11 plugs (regapped to alltrac gap) or get some Denso IK22 or equivalents
N/A supra (light green tops) 315cc/min injectors. These are direct replacements to what u have. (good to 10psi)
2 bar MAP sensor (supra sensor or alltrac sensor should do fine) this will work to just over 10psi and then u will hit fuel cut. (also called, turbo pressure sensor on some cars).

Safety and others:

New fuel filter (15bux)
U can keep your timing stock for upto 6psi if u have an intercooler. Otherwise u should take out 1-2 degrees of base timing for each 50hp
98+ camry metal composite head gasket (highly suggested).
vacuum/boost gauge
air/fuel ratio gauge
exhaust gas temperature gauge
oil pressure safety light (alot of custom turbos have died from unexpected oil leaks )
upgraded clutch to keep the power to the ground
Apexi SAFC or HKS SuperAFR for more percise tuning.
A turbo timer is good for making sure the turbo stays happy .

Cooling ideas:

Oil cooler
Second radiator fan
Cooler thermostat
Hood vents or scoop

Notes :

1- For the oil lines to the turbo try to find something that will take heats in the 600-1500 degree range (typical heats for your exhaust manifold and turbo when u are boosting)

2- The exhaust will not line up with the exit of a 3sgte downpipe (or the stock 3sgte primary cat) so u might as well get a custom 2.25 -3" exhaust made (2.25" is mild and quiet...3" is more agressive and loud...depends what your goals are...and what u can live with)...back pressure is not a problem on a turbo car

3- After installing the turbo, make sure there is oil in the turbo when u first start the car. Starting the car with a dry turbocharger will instantly kill the seals on the urbo. Furthermore, if the oil feed line to the turbo ever fails, the urbo seals will go out. Pay alot of attention to the materials and construction f this oil line.

4- When u make your intake plumbing, try to keep the stock intake temp sensor onnected somewhere in the system before the throttle body. This will help clean ut the idle alot.

5- Try to have the pipe going to the throttle in 2.25" piping. This matches the throttle body diameter and gives better off boost throttle responce, so u don't have to boost as often to get around town. IT helps drivability alot, reduces heat soak lot, and will lower your psi in your system allowing u to flow more dense air at the same psi settings. ie better boost and better off boost.


1- How does the boost feel?

Anything less than 5psi (non intercooled ) is good in 1st and second. Anything higher than that (8-10psi non intercooled) , pulls as hard in 3rd as 2nd pulls at 5psi. 1st gear at high boost is just crazy fast and i stopped doing it because it takes me longer to realise that i've hit redline, than it does to redline that gear. The car on the highway is faster than an AWD DSM at 9psi. And probably faster than a new mustang GT (felt about as fast).

2- How much does it cost?

Depends where u shop. For used 3sgte parts..etc i would set aside a budget of 2500-3500 dollars. I did all the labour.

3- How long does it take to install?

It takes 3-7 days for the full install ... one man working alone.

4- What hp gain am i looking at ?

5psi : 35 %
7psi: 45%
10psi: 60-70% (requires intercooler)

Simialr torque gains are expected.

5- Should i get a stock cat and turbo elbow , or an aftermarket downpipe to replace those 2 parts ?

Stock parts work well. They also have emissions equipment installed. But, they are really heavy, and they are restrictive which slows down the turbocharger's spool making it less agressive. One thing to not is that by having a less restrictive exhaust side of the turbo, you are raising the minimum boost that the system will run. ie. The car may not be able to run lower than say 7psi with such a setup.

6- Can i use an alltrac top mount air to air intercooler ?

On top of a 5sfe, you will never be able to use an alltrac top mount intercooler. I am dead serious. It IS a waste of time , money , and effort to do so.


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