View Full Version : Photochop Request (Very Important)

09-08-2005, 05:37 PM
Ok guys, so we've talked about and talked about making flyers/cards to put on peoples cars.

What I want is to get some ideas Photochopped for flyers/cards.

Something that somone can just print out. I've got a laser printer, I want to be able to just print out a few pages and cut them up.

I was thinking a good one would be a picture of a few cars lined up, like at a meet and turn one into a silhouette witha question mark and some cheesy line like "Do you feel like you're missing out?" or "Feeling left out of the pack/crowd/whatever?"

Let's brainstorm and get something together. I don't own a Celica but I think that it would be AWESOME to organize a local meet. I've not seen any type of Celica Meet here in SLC. So I guess I'm looking a little further than just bringing new members. But we truly do need to get started. Also lets make a card, I seen one of the mods made something with the celicatech window decal and then something like Electrical/Audio Moderator please feel free to stop by anytime. So lets make a template that could be cusomized for moderators and or members. If we get a good clean template for these I can build a basic script that will make a printable page that will have your unique referral information on it. If we can generate enough traffic could go for a contest of some sort for the most referrals. I don't want people to just sign up random accounts so it will be conditional, we know what an active or even weekend member is. No dummy accounts PLEASE.

I didn't feel that this should quite go under implementation until we have some solid templates.

Anyone that is decent with Photoshop/Image Editing please try your hand and make a submission.

09-08-2005, 09:37 PM
I'll throw some stuff together when I get home and have some time (have some stereo wiring to do tonight, I dunno). There've been a lot of chances that I wanted somthing like that (like when I parked beside 2 white 6th and 7th gen celicas, it was such a perfect lineup :) )

09-08-2005, 11:53 PM
NICE haha, yeah, we definately need it.