View Full Version : car acting up

09-03-2005, 04:10 PM
last night i drove down to near cinci, and when i was driving, i thought i felt the car kind of chugging on the highway, but i thought it was all in my head.
on my way home, it stalled out on me. it stalled again today.

car idles perfectly fine, maybe a little rough, but good and steady 8-900 rpm. once i get going, and i start coasting when im coming to a stop, the tach boggs realllll low to about 100 rpm, then bounces back up to 1000, then almost stalls (if it doesnt stall it almost does) then goes way up to 1500 etc.....

im still under warranty, i just want to know if you guys know whats wrong with it before i spend 50 bucks to have toyota look at it.