View Full Version : 7th gen gts

08-29-2005, 08:07 PM
i was driving home 2 nights ago and i saw a black 7th gen wit the sport package turning onto the street that i was on, a few seconds later i hear this loud exhuast coming from behind me, i look to my side and i see the gts right next to me, he had it lower gear, so i knew what he wanted, where going about 35, i downshifted into 3rd thinking i would be able to pull on him easily, so we went at it, and he pulled just a bit ahead of me, so i downshifted into 2nd and went full throttle, then into 3rd and shut it down at 70 or so, i ended up 4 cars ahead of him by the time we were done. i got in the turn lane at the next light, and he got besides me and yelled out "i wasnt expecting that" and i told him he had a nice car.