View Full Version : greets and parts question

08-29-2005, 04:48 AM
Hey all,

Original owner of an '81 GT coupe...

Now has 20R/22R hybrid motor with TRD cam and weber 38 carb.

Starting process of stripping it down and repainting/finishing it... there are some small dings and tiny rust spots... and the infamous window seals are leaking pretty bad...

So, does anyone know if Toyota still makes/sells replacement trim pieces and/or window seals for this vintage? I'm guessing I'l have to find some aftermarket or something... ugg.. but figured I'd ask here.

Ps. I also own a couple '86 mr2's including a race car I run in SCCA national road racing in the northeast.


08-30-2005, 06:30 AM
Toyhead sells a lot of stuff that you'd need.

New weatherstripping for one.


08-30-2005, 07:11 AM
Try 1sttoyotaparts.com -- online Toyota parts seller at wholesale prices, but attached to a dealership so you can call them and ask questions before ordering.