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08-21-2005, 01:28 AM
i know a guy named robert, who used to have a 4 door civic back in the day when i had my celica, we were always really close, but he would barely beat me. both our cars where totaled about at the same time, he went and bought a civic coupe with a b18c1(gsr) in it right away, it took me a while to get my money from my car but i ended up wit my laser(sig).

a couple weekends ago i went to the track for my first time, my best time i could pull off was a 15 flat :/ i kept on bogging down my launches or my car would just run like crap ( i had a huge boost leak/untuned) and i was only on about 14 psi, i was only able to get in about 4 runs. Robert was there with his civic coupe also-it was also his first time runnign at the track and he pulled off a 15 as his best time.

i think it was last weekend when i was out cruising i ran into robert at circle k, he was with a few of his friends who all drove mustangs. One of his mustang friends asks me if i wanted to run robert, i said sure.

first run was from a dead stop, i reved to around 4800 rpms and launch with about 10 psi off the line, i spin my tires and pull a car ahead of him off the line, i missed going into 2nd, while i was tryign to get it in he caught back up to me, but once it went in i pulled ahead of him by a car and stayed there till 3rd where i slowly started gaining more distance on him.

second run was from another dead stop, this time i didnt launch as aggressivly, i got about 4 cars on him before i shut down at about 75mph.

third time he watned to go from a roll, he said that his fwd was no comparison to my awd from a dig. so we slow down and he would not go passed 20mph, i had already shifted into 2nd gear and my rpms were low(turbo lag), he had it in 1st gear and i could hear his engine revving high, so we go on the third honk, he pulled about 2 cars ahead of me instantly, but im bringing him in, by top of third (about 80) i passed him. he gave me a :bigthumbu and said my car is alot quicker on the streets.

he is getting cams and cam gears sometime in the next week with a pulley set he wants a rematch, i wrecked my car the other night(damn rain) so its in the body shop for now, but when it gets out im fixing all my boost leaks, and i put my emanage system on the other day and used another dsm ownwers maps and adjusted to fit my cars needs. so i think it should be a good race.

edit: civic had i/h/e

08-21-2005, 06:29 AM
NA honda engine :(

Good kills?

08-21-2005, 09:10 PM