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07-28-2005, 10:55 PM
Hey guys. Since i bought my celica, i've had electric issues concerning the battery getting drained after about 2-3 days without starting the car. I changed the IC regulator and diodes without any change. I had the alternator tested and everything was fine with it. I even had the battery, covered by warranty for 9 years (3 years change free of charge), changed twice during that time. So my temp solution was to unplug the round alternator connector. This kind of solution became very frustrating to do so i had to find a permanent one.

So today i caleld the shop that checked the alt last year. Talked to the guy about what it was doing. So he suggested something i didn't even think of doing and what the guy who served me last time didn't think either, to read voltage on all 3 pins with key in ignition and without the key...

So i read voltages without the key and looked at the charging system diagram. FINALLY, problem found, and guess what? Teh previous owner changed the alt twice without testing anything, he wasted money, the guy who owned it first changed the round alt plug... and inversed 2 of the 3 wires (pin S & pin L). So the alt was consuming electricity all the time, but nothing was staying on, onyl teh alt was sucking current.

I went to get shrinking and heatprotecting girdles (free at my old job place :hehe:) and rejoint all wires correctly, with even a better insulation. I bend over my alt, no more buzzing sound. Stared the car, runs a little colder and at a little lower RPM. My only concern is, the big white battery cable connecting on the alt got very hot and looks like being burnt, i only hope it doesn't eventually cause any shorts in the harness... :ugh:

So i saved money i could easily have wasted, thanks to the alt shop i called. Even better, he didn't have any in stock so i would've had to wait to get a new one. And now the car runs even better.

It made my day... almost. Now i'm getting drunk and partying tonight, my brother-in-law and my sister are getting married saturday. Gotta do something before that day don't we? :hehe:


Luis C
07-29-2005, 12:20 AM
Yeah, I've been getting that kind of shit from my Alt lately, 4 days and the battery gets REAL weak, almost enough to start the car

07-29-2005, 01:05 AM
Looks like a common problem, many people get struck with it. I'm happy mine was "human error caused" but it suck for guys like you to not know where it comes from. Try the test i did, with ignit in and out, with a voltmeter. Might be as simple as a grounded alt. Got the EWD to help? Rememebr that 90-91 & 92-93 has small differences in circuit, to avoid using the wrong one.

Good luck man. :)