View Full Version : Door Lock/Unlock Switch.

07-20-2005, 05:49 PM
I've isolated my problem for the fog light system dying.. :) Now.

Intermittently, When (SOME CONDITION) occurs.. (I have to have turned off the engine, but not the system and not reset the system by opening the doors.. ) I will be able to lock the door via the switch, but I will be unable to unlock the doors via the switch. Awesome!?

I've had toy-yoda replace the switch, but the lazy arses said, "Well.. obviously something is funky in the electrical system.." Well, no shittake mushrooms! So fix it, please? "Well.. we'd have to pull the entire system apart to find that short." Ok.. well.. yeah.. and? "We're not going to do that, we don't have the resources to fix it." Ok, thanks. :slap:

Does this procedure reflect the norm? And.. where is the junction? Where do I begin? Where? I've looked at the wire diags at alldatapro, and wow. Those can be daunting. Any idea with regard to where to look?



Maybe celicatech could create an "Electric" and a separate "Audiophile" category?