View Full Version : 91 3sgte ECU plugs

07-09-2005, 11:17 PM
Help me out real fast? I have a JDM ECU and harness The harness only has 4 plugs, 2 plug in the Ecu should there be 3?? and the onther 2 will not fit in the Ecu. I have seem to be missing the 22P one. The harness has no wire's messing cut no has the loom been taken apart?

I am asking this cause I am aslmost do with a swap of the st185 1991 into a 94 St, The plug that I cant find or is not supost to be there is the starter part of te Ecu (according to a pin out on this ecu and harness??

This has picked me brain to death and I am about to go inseane on this car :hehe: