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07-07-2005, 08:24 AM
Hey guys, Iím new to the board but a long time Celica owner. I just want to say hi and let you all know Iím about to start on a major overhaul to my 93í Celica GT 5th generation. This is a project Iím been thinking on doing for the past 2 years and finally Iím ready to do it. Iíve been searching for information for the past 3 months and Iím ready to go for it. Iím not an auto expert and Iím sure I will need your help and advice for many months. So be ready for meÖ

First thing Iím going to work on is the engine. Iím doing a complete rebuild and maybe some custom work on it. I was thinking about doing the swap but after many sleepless nights and after reading the boards for so many hours and days I decided to just keep my present engine and work on upgrades. Maybe in a near future Iíll decide to add a turbo for my 5S-FE but right now I just want to do the overhaul. Iím not planning to race the Celica Iíll use it just for daily drives and as a show car for now. I just want performance and maybe increase few more horse powers.

For now I need your advice on the following parts Iím replacing (looking for performance in case I decide to add turbo in the near future):

New pistons
New piston rings
New connecting rods
New main and rod bearings
New metal head gasket
New oil and water pump
New engine gasket kit
New fuel pump
New timing kit
New exhaust
New flywheel, (10lbs.)
New clutch
Head Porting
New Valves
New lifters
New radiator

These are some of the things Iím planning to replace and work on. What I need from you guys is your opinion in performance parts, manufactures names and where is the best place to buy these parts. By the way, I did search for this information but I couldnít find a more detail information like performance parts and manufactures names, and the little information I was able to find was vague.

Once again, please excuse my newbieness and I hope you guys become my mentors and help me through out my entire project. Any advice or help you guys can give me, itíll be greatly appreciated. This is a project Iím so excited to start so wish me luckÖ

Here is a link when I have posted some pictures of my Celica

My Celica GT!

07-07-2005, 03:19 PM
For the stuff like the clutch and flywheel, check out www.andysautosport for some good options. I don't know how you're exactly looking to do the buildup so I guess it will depend when it comes to stage 1/stage 2 clutch and such things. If you're looking for an upgrade on the fuel pump either get a Walboro fuel pump or grab one off a Supra. On the exhaust, just go custom 2 1/4" pipe if you're going NA. If, along the build, you decide to go turbo, you'll want something bigger...maybe 2 3/4" or possibly even 3". For the radiatior, I know Fluidyne makes good, thin radiators with thinner, better fans that fit in stock mounts. As for all the internals, you'll have to ask someone else because I haven't looked into those too much. Hope this helps.

07-07-2005, 05:12 PM
As far as cooling, stock [for 3SGTE] is more than adequate.
Just pick up a GTS rad [it will bolt right in], and since you might as well replace the water pump anyways, get a OEM [DO NOT GET AFTERMARKET] Alltrac waterpump. It will be ~ $175, but it flows much more coolant than the 5SFE one, even tho they are the same bolt pattern.

No point in replacing the valves/lifters, unless you'er going aftermarket, and you would still use the stock lifters. You will however, probably need new shims for them, as the clearance will change.

Headwork, somewhere local should be able to do a decent port/polish/3 angle valve job, and cut the head.

I personally prefer OEM parts for the rebuild [exeption being if it's performance, like pistons, rods, ect]
I believe the 92 ^ 5S had a mhg stock.

For a fuel pump, I would stick with stock flow for now, until you slap the turbo on. Your engine is already running rich as is. No need to bump it up some more yet.
And when you do, get a adjustable fpr, and some form of timing control.

Your rods should be fine. No real need to replace them, unless you have $$$$

07-07-2005, 10:51 PM
I have done quite a few