View Full Version : Idle problem

06-30-2005, 01:57 AM
Not really an idle problem, but the car idles at 1000 on a sunny summer day. I checked the idle screw, its all the way to the minimum. I checked to make sure so I turned it the other direction and it increases idle. The fan turning on and off blowing hot air at me while turning the screw isn't pleasent (:

So what do I need to look for if I wanna drop my idle back to 800 when I first got it? =/

06-30-2005, 01:59 AM
High idle can be caused by the IACV sticking. It's on the bottom of your throttle body. Try to clean it out a bit and see if that helps.

Also, you might have a vacuum leak. Check all of your vacuum lines and your intake connections to make sure they seal well and are crack-free.

06-30-2005, 06:02 AM
If it's not a vacuum leak.. I believe this is a way to set idle..

Start car, back idle screw out a ways.. then disconnect the plug on the IAC valve.. then use the idle screw to adjust your idle speed.. then turn the car off.. pull ECU fuse.. reconnect IAC plug.. put ECU fuse in.. That should do the trick...

However that might only work for honduh's, I've yet to try it.. I know that on my 7AFE unplugging the IAC valve would stall the engine, however that model engine doesn't have a throttle body idle screw either.