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Luis C
06-23-2005, 08:22 PM
In preparation to the arrival of my Lotek A-pillar gauge pod I wanted to evaluate my options and ask a few questions about the installation of some gauges. These are:

1. Voltmeter.
Where is the best place to get an accurate reading of the voltage load in the circuit? Tap into the battery (witch I think is useless since I would get a reading of the battery load, not electrical circuit itself), alternator (IMO the most accurate? or would I just have a reading of what the voltage regulator is putting out?) or any given wire (i.e.: Cigar lighter) and why. Pros and cons if possible.

2.- Oil Pressure (electrical)
Any body with a 2nd gen 3S-GE has done this? Is the oil pressure sensor located on the right hand side of the head like on the 3S-GTE or behind the block like in the 5S-FE. (My educated guess is that's just like the 3S-GTE but I want to be sure)

I have the the sender unit wich to my knowledge should be firmly installed, any vibration or lousy grounding would render the gauge useless, what do you guys suggest I fabricate to make nice and stiff AND how difficult is it to Tee of from the original sensor in order to maintain the OEM sensor functionality?

If anyone has pics of any of the installs I would appreciate it (specially the Oil Pressure gauge since the Voltmeter seems as a no brainer)


P.D. Sorry if its the wrong forum, I spent about 4 minutes debating weather if it should have been the 5th gen, Custom Engineering/Design/Fabrication or General Automotive forum :bigthumbu

06-24-2005, 05:34 PM
Hey man, I don't have a 3SGE, but...
Voltmeter, I would put on the wire after the alt fuse. That's where it all comes from.
As far as the oil pressure, I would use a steel tee. Maybe even brace it. I don't see why the stock sender wouldn't work with it.
And I too would guess it to be in the same location. Have you popped your hood and looked yet?

06-25-2005, 12:31 PM
Im gonna have to agree with Jeremy on the volt meter part. since that would give you the voltage that is being put out. If you hook it up to something that is being used (stereo or some shit like that) it would most likely shower a lower voltage on that line