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12-11-2004, 03:26 AM
hi and welcome to the aus/new zealand section of the new celicatech. I'm ronin (AKA Dan) and im the moderator if this section, along with keyroo (matty). there is a few things we'd like to let you know about right.

first thing is, this is a new site. there are still some minor points being developed, and we are always open to ideas. if you have any ideas of ways to make this place better, feel free to either PM myelf, or to go into the celicatech inception forum and post it in there for the admins to read.
any problems with this site we ask you to PM it please, we want to try to keep negativity away from the boards, and also we'd like to have a chance to respond and maybe solve or explain the issue without dragging the rest of the board into what could have been a simple solution.

second. Celicatech is a forum put together to help pass on technical information between people with a similar interest. We have the same drama here as we did on the other place in that we are so isolated from the US alot of what is said diesnt apply to us, but this time round, we are going to try to keep this place a bit more inline with the rest of the boards.
IE: if it applies to only us australian or NZ members, then no probs post away. this is a broad category, and as the site is new we'll have to figure out what stays and what gets moved to different forums.. please be patient and understanding.

third: keep it civil. we wont tolerate personal attacks of any kind. if i see it, no matter how resourceful the information is, the thread will be locked. if it is a detailed thread, i'll remove offensive material but it will remain locked. Also please no racism, sexism or anything of that kind.

and finally. There is soo much on this site already, and the resources are only getting bigger and bigger. try not to confine yourself to this section. ask your question in the generation specific forums instead of here.. we have some very smart people out there. they are here to help.

okay, please please enjoy your stay here. this place is a great facility that is run by celica owners for celica owners. we are open to suggestions and are more than happy to help.

if you have any questions or problems, feel free to PM me, or to contact me on any of the following:
MSN: ronin02@hotmail.com
AIM: spoolin11
ICQ: 23790316
EMAIL: ronin11@gmail.com

Also, we have our own aus based irc chat room

For those that havn't used IRC before, ill simplify the steps for you.
1)Download a IRC client ( www.mirc.com )
2)Click on this link to join the irc channel ( irc://au.austnet.org/OZCelica )
3)Your done...

For the technically minded:
Server: AustNet - (au.austnet.org)
Room: #OZCelica

enjoy your stay people. thanks for reading and please excuse the lng post. :wiggle: