View Full Version : I need ideas for a 81 celica

06-12-2005, 12:54 AM
Hello all, I have some questions about my 81 celica gt.

First question, my transmission(automatic) is just about dead, and I want to replace it, are there any 4 speed transmissions that will work? or is there a better transmission than what it originally came with?

Second question, does the 20R head bolt right to the 22R block? I have read this is a easy way to increase power, but I have not found any details.

Third and final question(for now), is there a better carburator from another vehicle that will fit or is not too hard to make fit to the 22R?

I am trying to avoid paying brand new price and I am doing the work myself. This is going to be the car I drive while I rework my current car, but I want it to be a bit more fun to drive.

Edited: Forgot to mention my transmission is an automatic.

06-13-2005, 05:49 AM
for the first question no 4 speeds that i know of but the stock 5 speed is great either the w55 or w58 should work

as far as the head and the 22r well the 20r head flows better but if you want to make it take fuel injection you must have machine work done to it but they will bolt up no problem from what i am told go to www.celica-gts.com/forums and talk to a guy named oldmage he has done this hybrid and is pushing 160hp

i think weber is a good carb but dunno if they make one for the celica