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06-08-2005, 11:32 PM
just curious, cuz im not really a racer or whatever..but yeah.does anyone know what cars a 92 gt-s can smoke? or keep up with?..

06-09-2005, 12:02 AM

06-09-2005, 12:07 AM

No offence but its a pretty vague question. There are way too many cars to list.

Smoke/Keep up with:

Stock Honda's (d16A engine)
Mazda MX3's
Ford Probes (non GT)
Nissan 240sx's (depending on the driver)
Nissan 200sx's

I can't even think of all the cars, its impossible to list em all. :slap:

06-09-2005, 12:43 AM
a lot of cars... don't underestimate your car. Just don't be stupid and try and race some 8 cylinder domestic. LOL

06-09-2005, 01:44 AM
haha, but a lot of cars can easily take any 5th gen celica...

06-10-2005, 06:54 AM
i can take non swaped celicas :givafuck:

06-10-2005, 08:43 PM
bahahhaha funny lol i've smoked V6 Mustangs, Kept up with Probe GT,k ept up with Integra LS, Lost to 1998 240SX really bad....., lost to Subaru 2.5RS, Legacy 2.5 GT.. ahahhaha and oh yeah always GET DUSTED BY V8 Domestics no offense but shiet i hate domestics but you gotta give em props though man they will dust ur ass anyday unless ur doing some mad forced introduction... but yes thats my list... lol

06-10-2005, 11:54 PM
mad forced introduction??? you mean induction? BAHAHAHAHA

Yeah... I only know a couple of 4 bangers that can own V8s.

06-11-2005, 02:26 AM
mad forced introduction???


06-11-2005, 02:40 AM
i can take non swaped celicas :givafuck:

im gonna wave the bs flag here, ur lucky if ur putting 90 hp to the wheels

06-11-2005, 10:46 AM
What you can smoke depends on a number of things, driver skill, mods, conditions etc. that said I've smoked (and been smoked by) Integras, CRX's, 200sx's and heaps of other cars. Just smoked some ass in a Daihatsu the other night that thought that because the car had mags he'd smoke anything on the road. Always bear in mind when your about to go someone whether or not your in the same class, I mean I wouldn't go on and take a 427 Chevy in my celica unless I wanted to make an ass of myself.

TRD Terror
06-12-2005, 10:07 PM
If you want to know,

Go to a track and get your 1/4 on paper.

Get an issue of road and track, and look at all the cars stats.

you can figure out who to play with, and whom not too.

I have taken out cars in my Celica that should have been able to beat me.

I have held with cars pretty good that should have been pullin away,

I have also lost to cars that I should be able to do better against,

A huge part of this is mods.... another part of this is driver skill,

TRD Terror

06-12-2005, 11:19 PM
can u guys take on a sunfire 2001 GT with your stock 5sfe celica???? both stockss...

06-13-2005, 02:13 AM
no. your cars will blow up.

06-13-2005, 07:21 AM
i can take non swaped celicas :givafuck:

that leaves you open to 5SFTE's as well ;) you can probably beat my swapped celica... (when its heatsoaking that is..)

06-13-2005, 08:12 AM
i beat a geo metro on my way to church with my mom in the car...

red light to red light i scared the shit outta myself by out reacting a new eclipse turbo...he shoulda had me by a long shot, yet i beat him to the next light...go figure, i've held with a few integras on the freeway until an annoying rev limiter kicked in...

i romped a full 6th gen gt getting on to the freeway, my sister flipped them off as we passed them, they tailgated for a while...

06-13-2005, 08:53 PM
pshhh...v8's, no problem! Like taking candy from a baby! lol

06-21-2005, 03:13 PM
I've never really had a problem with (lightly modded) teggies (integras, for the retarded among us lol!!!!) until I hit 5th gear... they pull on me once we hit 5th, but up to and until then, they're no problem...

Wonder if they have a more favorable 5th gear ratio....

But I'd probably be better off if I got my intake hose fixed (torn in half and such....), in spite of the fact that I'm rollin COMPLETELY stock

06-21-2005, 04:26 PM
I think driver skill is 90% of winning a race...as long as the horspower is +/- 30 horsepower. I had a friend that drove a 92 Integra with nothing but an exhaust and he would beat all kinds of cars, just because he was such a good driver. If you master your launch and shifts...you will be able to handle yourself. The majority of light to light racers out there aren't that great of drivers.

06-21-2005, 07:55 PM
Our poor underpowered Stock cars. The 5sFE is no threat to anything that is new. Handling is a different story, as a GTS is very capable.

1 sec 1/4 mile difference between us and someone else can be made up easily with skilled driving, so either swap it out! or just enjoy the car and not worry about racing other people. This is a finess car, not a power car.