View Full Version : Climate Control Problem

06-02-2005, 11:55 PM
So I've got a problem... the recir/fresh doesn't work on this replacement (silver) .. I opened it up and the actual button switch itself isn't where its suppose to be on like my old one. And it also ain't the type where I push it, and it goes down and when I push it again it goes up.

So whats my dealy? why is it slightly different place? and why is it grey instead of white? Why doesn't it work? (: all my other buttons work except for AC and auto but thats fine cause I dont have those.

See in picture, the button is on the right, on my old one its on the left. This one when I push it, it comes back up like the "off" button. With my old one, when I pushed it, it was like pressing one of the other buttons.

Who has the same climate control? when you push that button, does it work like the rear window defroster button or does it work like fan speed buttons?

And then for the A/C button on this new silver one, its the same type of switch (grey).. Now on my old one that doesn't have AC cover but has the switch, the switch is white and goes in when I press it and comes out when I press it again..