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Celica Tsunami
05-26-2005, 02:09 AM
Anyone know a good safe way to remove my stock bumper (step by step would be nice) as i would like to install a blitz bumper. Also i am looking into souping up the engine with some headers and cold air intake etc... any suggestions on brandnames or what else to do to the engine is openly welcomed.thx

James D.
05-26-2005, 03:20 AM
Easy dude, step by step

you need a philips screw driver, socket size 10 and a ratchet.

1. Raise the car using your jack or any hydrolic jack, make sure its secured and to make it more safer use jack stands, why? you may have to go under a little bit to get ahold of the screws underneath the front end.

2. There are screws under the front end, im not sure how many but these are attached to you under panel plastics, maybe 6 to 7 i guess.

3. Take out the screws on the side where it holds on to your fender, one on each side, you have to move the fender well plastic just a little in order for you to get ahold of the screws.

4. The last ones are the bolts on the top, i believe theres 4, take them out using your 10 inch socket.

5. Take out the front bumper slowly and make sure the under panel plastics are no longer attached to the bumper. :bigthumbu

About souping up the engine, there are basic bolt ons you can do and very simple and easy you can do it yourself.

Intakes - Injen, Rod Millen, Blitz, AEM, TPR
- Theres cold air and short ram, Cold air for top end power, short ram for low end power, really up to you on what you want, i use Injen on both my GT and GTS, their cold air.

Header - Hotshot headers i prefer for the GT, better than DC Sports

Exhaust - theres alot out there you can choose from, take note that our exhaust system only comes with the axle back, not a cat back (websites call it catbacks but really their axlebacks), except for the TRD Kazuma exhaust, i bought it for 440 and very well pleased and happy with it, very loud but gains are noticeable, if not then get the Tanabe Super Racing Medallion or the Skunk 2 megapower. By the way, the Kazuma is a catback so you may have to eliminate the midpipe all the way to the resonator and this is not a bolt on, you have to weld this or clamp it, take it to your muffler shop to get it installed professionally.

hope that helps and feel free to ask questions

Celica Tsunami
05-29-2005, 02:49 AM
Thanks...great help and very knowledgeable.....now come on over and i'll give you a case of CANADIAN BEER (stronger and better tasting) to do all that for me

06-15-2005, 06:59 AM
LMAO! Don't you wish it were that easy. :laugh: