View Full Version : door speakers stoped working

12-09-2004, 02:36 AM
EDIT: the new head unit i got fixed the problem mods, please deleate this thread thanks!

a little background knowlage first. a while ago i wired my car up for subs and an amp(i didnt have enough money at first for one just wanted to have it wired up), i ran a direct line from battery to my trunk ran the remote line (i have stock radio but in a few days i will get my new one in mail) and i have a ground. i used my firends amp to test out my wireing job everything went good the subs worked and everyting went ok...well a few days ago my firend gave me his old amp so i wired it up and it woudnt work so i unpluged it and went to return it to my firends house and all of a sudden my two front speakers dont work at all ive messed with the balance reattached the amp and done everyting i could think of. they wont work and im so pissed about it :rant: