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10-07-2017, 08:17 PM
Hi everyone , i have 2 toyota celica 2.0 gti one with 156 hp and the second is 175 hp ( if i'm wrong please let me know ) on both on the left side where is the distribution (yamaha 3sge)
Now i want to know if i can turbocharge one of them what do i need to purchase i know that this may be expensive but is a dream and i really wish this could be done . I'll wait for someone to guide me if is possible . I have also some pictures with the engine maybe this will help ? Let me know . Regards

10-12-2017, 05:59 PM
Welcome --

Yes you can turbo the 3sge. There have been folks that have done this before. The 3sge though is more known and used as the high-revving motor. Probably be better financially to build the NA 3sge up and let it rev to the moon.