View Full Version : JDM vs USD ECM?

09-15-2017, 06:02 PM
Looks like the only difference is the ACT and CCO pins. I could not find a diagram saying what the CCO is? Might be Oxidation Catalyst something?

I believe I have a JDM ECM. I have to check the part # of my bad one but if I can only find an ECM of the USDM will it work?

To put it simply if I have a JDM ECM and JDM engine with ACT, CCO and tried a USDM ECM would it work? All the other pins are the same.


10-09-2017, 11:35 PM
My car has a JDM engine in it and for the longest time it was running on the USDM ECU. No issues.

When I did swap in a JDM ECU, the only reason I had to do any repinning was due to the year. My car is a 92 and the JDM ECU was a 90-91.

If you can find a USDM ECU the same year as the car (I'm assuming you're running the original wiring harness to the car), it should plug in and work. The ECU will need to match the year of the wiring harness. I looked at signature and it says 92 JDM swap. If you used the 92 harness, you'll need a 92 ECU or you'll need to move some pins.