View Full Version : In need of a Fuel tank for a 1990 Celica GTS Manual transmission

09-07-2017, 10:14 PM
My GTS has been my daily driver in Wisconsin for 29 years now.But at this time the fuel tank is rusted beyond repair. I have not found any source for a new tank. My GTS only has 200K miles and runs and drives strong. I fear this failed part could be the ultimate demise of my beloved Celica. Interested in any help/suggestions! Thanks in advance. Al Utri (new member):idea:

09-08-2017, 02:12 PM

Check out http://car-part.com. It's a wrecker search engine. Put in what you're looking for and they'll help locate it. Some of yards may or may not ship - but that should at least get you an idea of where to pick one up.

09-08-2017, 03:11 PM
Also, I think you can use the tank from ANY FWD Celica as they are all the same size. You may need to find one from a hatch rather than a coupe is about the only possible difference I can think of.