View Full Version : Roo's going away party :)

05-17-2005, 10:09 PM
That time again guys, i'm nicking off to falls creek, and then off to whistler to follow the winter!

not only is this a going away party ti's also a little bit of a celebration, my boss from falls rang me today to ask when i wanted to start work this season and also to tell me that i'm the new manager of the tuning department at falls creek sports!!! also not only that but my boss is trying to get me an apartment in the village with another manager so i don't have to live in the abomanation that is the staff accomodation :), there are staff on the mountain that have been there for years and don't get that sort of oportunity, hard work finally pays off, so i'm stoked!! this season is looking to be an awesome one :)

anyway on that note, PARTY TIME!! i'd like you all to come and help celebrate my promotion and a farewell bash

so details:

My house: contact me for address :)

When?: Friday the 27th of May,, sayyyy 7-8 pm?? sounds good

what to bring?: GROG!!! and a sleeping bag, plenty of floor space, no one is driving home after drinking! and everyone should drink ;)

this might be my last big party in melbourne for a long time so please come and make it a good one! all i ask is no dick heads and nothing broken, apart from that have fun :)

cya all there RSVP if ya want just so i know who to expect, p.s. pass this on to anyone i have forgotten :)

hit me up on msn or keyroo@optusnet.com.au

Matty :)

05-18-2005, 01:48 PM
ill be there.. but you knew that!

crash at roos then we'll go on the cruise from there the next day!