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08-21-2016, 06:59 AM
What's up guys, names Rudy, and I'm getting back into the Toyota game. I've had a GT before getting this gts that I've acquired now. It's a 1992 teal green gts, bone stock, I'll post pics of it when it's day light. Hopefully I can pick up some tips on swapping over to the 3s. Im pretty sure I'll find some good write ups. Thanks guys.

The Captain
08-21-2016, 10:22 PM
Welcome. Pics!

08-22-2016, 02:10 AM

There's some good info on the 3S swap here.

08-23-2016, 04:07 PM
Welcome aboard! :) See my sig links for 3s swap info.

08-25-2016, 04:49 AM
Tried to post pics but cant until im a 7 day member lol.