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06-04-2016, 02:46 AM
Taking this from MR2.com


GEN3 3SGTE differences

- MAP sensor (2.5 bar) instead of AFM
- Bosch D-Jetronic (Gen III) vs. L-Jetronic (relatively primitive) engine management
- updated turbo
- Boost raised from 10psi to 13psi
- Fuel cut raised from 12 psi to 18 psi
- 4 wire O2 sensor
- Shim under bucket valve shims
- slightly more aggressive cams (240 8.7mm lift vs 236 8.2mm lift)
- Revised cylinder head cooling passages/water jackets
- Revised intake manifold (8 'independent long ports' reduced to 4)
- intake manifold inlet air temperature sensor added. i.e. after turbo and intercooler.
- lower compression ratio (8.5:1 vs 8.8:1)
- stainless steel head gasket
- factory 540cc injectors replace 430cc injectors
- revised fuel rail with bigger bore and relocated pressure regulator
- TVIS eliminated
- throttle body increased from 55mm to 60mm
- inlet valve lift increased from 8.2 to 8.7
- Less restrictive exhaust elbow
- Aluminum oil pan
- more rigid alloy sump and additional oil baffles
- Factory Catch can
- Better Oil Cooler and relocated oil filter (bottom)
- No. 1 compression ring described as 'stainless steel' instead of just 'steel'. Oil ring is described as 'stainless steel' instead of 'a combination of steel and stainless steel'.
- The fuel pressure raised from 36 PSI (2.55 bar) to 41 PSI (2.9bar).
- Cold Start Injector eliminated
Other 2nd / 3rd gen differences - not interchangeable

Alternator bracket
Tensioner bracket
Coolant neck /elbow
Water and Oil pumps
Idler bearing #1 assembly *** see below ***
upper / lower cam belt cover
valve cover
intake and exhaust manifolds
most gaskets and seals

Plug Wires / Cap & Rotor / Coil :
The 3rd gen 3SGTE uses the same components as the 93 Celica Alltrac (ST185). 93-95 USDM 3SGTE MR2 can also be used, though main coil lead is different.
The 2nd gen versions can also be used without modification, but ALL of these components would need to be swapped over.

Igniter & Coil - same as 94+ 5SFE cars.
The ignitor used on Gen 3's is not Gen 3 specific. The number which is 89621-26010 is a number used here in the US. Its common to 5sfe cars after 92 and other mid to late 90's cars too. Also if your junkyard searching, the igiter's number 89621-16020 is the same part. The 89621-16020 superceeds to the 89621-26010 thus they are 100% interchangable.

Also, the TPS 89452-22090 is common to many US cars thus again is not Gen 3 specific.

06-05-2016, 02:19 PM
Gen 2 has a 4 wire O2 sensor in the US. Japan had a single wire sensor.

06-05-2016, 04:50 PM
Thanks Jeremy. Feel free to add anything that is missing to this thread.