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03-15-2016, 04:18 PM
Hi everybody,
i'm a long time reader and first time writer...

Here is my story:
I've a EU 1993's gt4 st185 from 10+ years, seven years ago i've stopped it and recovered in a garage that some time ago found really wet.
The garage is far from my house, so i left it there for a long time, after an year or so someone told me that the garage's door was open, i went there and found that someone stoled me the stereo, i've found the car totally full of mold.
So after charging the battery and inflating the tires i've started it to take it to the sun and dry it a bit, the car started with no problem and i've take it for an hard ride for on hour or so.
After coming back to the box i was parking it and the car just shut off with apparently no reason and never start it again.

Long story short: for about 6 year i've tried repair it with no success, i'm a skilled mechanic and have rebuild the engine two time before, but now i'm facing some electric problem and don't know how to identify it!!

Things that i've checked:
1) no error code from ecu, engine light goes on
2) fuel pump working and fuel pressure ok
4) checked dizzy with ohmmeter and oscilloscope, seems good
5) checked with another dizzy
6) taco hand does not move
7) checked IGT with oscilloscope and no signal
8) checked power ignitor and dizzy OK
9) checked earth and power to ecu: seems ok
10) checked connection between dizzy and ecu.
11) efi relay and fuses

I'm slowly stripping all car...

what i'll check next:
1) ecu for leaking capacitors
2) all wires from ecu to engine.

I'm running out of ideas!!
Any help?


03-15-2016, 08:29 PM
Try noid light to see if signal is reaching the injectors

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03-15-2016, 10:16 PM
i've just opened the ecu and found a capacitor have leak, it has corroded part of the pcb so i made some wire connections..

tomorrow i'll check if it works

03-16-2016, 01:35 AM
If your test works you should probably get another ECU or do a proper repair on the ECU. Wire in place of a capacitor is only going to lead to more issues down the road.