View Full Version : Replacement Anti-Freeze for 1990 5FSE Engine; "Toyota Red?"

12-27-2015, 05:51 AM
I seem to remember a warning about using any anti-freeze other than "Toyota Red." Is this still true, or is there an acceptable other-than-Toyota anti-freeze that I can use?

BTW, although this may be common knowledge among most of you, but it is good advice worthy of being restated: don't forget to run your heater year-round, for just a few minutes, in order to flush the old anti-freeze out of the heater core behind the dashboard, or risk the acidity rotting out the heater core and you facing a $1,000+ repair/replacement bill.

david in germany
01-02-2016, 09:16 PM
There are some good fluids available but I would still stay with the tried and true Toyota Red.

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