View Full Version : Update: Oil leak and smoke from my 1990 5FSE - leaking oil cooler?

12-27-2015, 05:00 AM
Sorry that this took so long. I was working under the impression that my oil cooler was leaking oil, which created lots of white smoke when it hit the hot engine. I've disassembled the cooler several times, once, with the help of a neighbor-Infiniti mechanic, who replaced the oil cooler gasket and o-ring. I thought that this fixed the leak, since I let it idle for 20 minutes with no leak. This further convinced me that it was the oil cooler, which has a pressure relief valve to blow off any extra oil pressure into the crankcase. I was wrong. The pressure relief valve tested good (you push on it with a pencil and it should move freely in and out on its spring). While banging my head on the radiator in frustration, I noticed the exhaust manifold's heat shield. I had soaked its mounting bolts with rust buster days ago in case I decided to follow the BGBs directions and remove the header and everything around it to get at the oil cooler (I had followed this site's instructions to not do that, and instead to just loosen the oil cooler's 30mm "bolt" and twist the cooler around on its rubber hoses). I decided to remove the heat shield, just for the hell of it and because it would be less painful than continuing to bang my head on the radiator. Well I removed the shield and damn, there was my oil leak, staring me in the face. The oil has been leaking from the valve cover, hidden behind the heat shield, and dripping down onto the header. I happily explained all of this to my wife, who called me an idiot, and then I went off with plans to pickup a new valve cover gasket. :banghead: