View Full Version : original premium system with amp under pasenger seat

08-31-2015, 12:03 PM
:turboboink: hello all thank you for letting me in . so this my buzzz i bought a 93 celica to save it .now i need saving anyway i took all the seats out ,rug wanted to look things over car was a mess like a trash can ,stripped it down dash and all even pulled cover to gas tank and checked harness .so i took care not to loose any screws or brake something .i got it all back together installed radio and amp all back have nothing on radio telling me security locked ,,my problem is i turn radio on sound is so low i barely hear nothing i checked power and grounds even opened amp all looks good i can here amp kicking on but no sound i am stumped any help would be awsomely appreciated thank you all:turboboink:

09-03-2015, 02:07 AM
Many times the low/no sound issue for any of the sources (CD/FM/AM) is the result of bad capacitors in the output stage of the head unit itself. If you are skilled with a soldering iron and can read the values of the capacitors and replace them without burning the PCB, you should be able to replace them no problem.

If this is beyond your skill set then going with an aftermarket head unit and amplifier is the most popular option. Choice is yours. We do have some guides here in the audio/electrical section that may be of use to you.