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05-30-2015, 05:14 PM
Hey all, one of my maiden posts here, I just posted on Alltrac.net as well, trying my hardest to get an answer.

So.. I have an '88 ST165 with an ST185 motor/trans swap. When I got the car, the brake pedal would almost go to the floor, it stopped the car but not as good as it should, and kind of sketchy if you ask me. I tried bleeding the brakes and that made no difference so I decided to start replacing the brake system one component at a time. I started off with a rebuilt vacuum booster and a rebuilt master cylinder, bled the system correctly. Voila, spongy pedal feeling/pedal to the floor feels much better but braking power left much more to be desired. So I decided to buy new pads and rotors (pads were shot and rotors were grooved and past their wear limit.) Purchased OEM replacement rotors from RockAuto (I know, not the greatest source but it'll work), then bought EBC Reds for the rear and Porterfields for the front. I would've bought matching pads having known that EBC did not make a set of the fronts (they claim they do, but they are not the correct ones). Anyway, I install the pads and rotors, and bleed the entire system again. Go for a test drive, first press on the brakes, amazing, feels great, stops very nicely. Let off the pedal, accelerate, and step on it again, this time a little more aggressively, again stops great but this time when I let off the pedal, the front pads are dragging badly, I could barely make it home, if I hit 3rd gear the engine didn't have the power to overpower the brakes, So I decided to rebuild the front calipers. I purchased a rebuild kit from Toyota, disassembled both calipers individually, cleaned the hell out of them, replaced all the parts that came with the kit, reassembled, bled system, go for a test drive, same damn thing, dragging to the point they are smoking :bangshead: So I decide, maybe, just maybe it the Porterfield racing pads, so I order up a set of Toyota OEM for $76 from the stealership, install, bleed, test drive, SAME THING!!!
Does anyone have any idea what the hell is going on? Am I overlooking something? At this point I've rebuilt almost the whole braking system aside from the rear calipers (which are fine.) Forgot to mention, the car has stainless braided lines too, so assume thats not the problem either.. HELP PLEASE, This thing is driving me insane.

05-31-2015, 06:07 PM
You probably did, but when you rebuilt the calipers and reinstalled them, did you clean and lubricate the sliders really good? Those are notorious for corroding, getting really dirty and sticking. They can cause the calipers to stick like what you're seeing.