View Full Version : My 3sgte swap

05-06-2015, 05:37 PM
It's been a while since I've been on here. I have an ST184 with a JDM 3sgte swap. I finally decided to quit trying to make my own engine harness and sent mine in to Dr. Tweak. I got the harness back, plugged everything in except for the cruise control plug. I pulled the cruise control out for now to simplify things for me. The car turns over and the fuel pump kicks on but I cant seem to get any spark. Ive tested everything from the spark plugs back to the ECU and have found that Im not getting any signal output from the IGT pin. I opened the ECU and dont see any signs of damage. Does anybody know of some reason, other than ECU damage, why the ignition is not getting a firing signal?

The ECU constant power is getting the 12V it needs. I remember reading somewhere that if the ECU is powering on, the check engine light should kick on when the key is turned to ACC. Im not getting that. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.

07-08-2015, 09:57 PM
you will get a CEL when the key is in the ON position.

pull the spark plug wires off the plugs and have someone turn the key. see if they are sparking.