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03-31-2015, 09:15 AM
Since there is so much good info in here, Id like to invite you guys inside my garage and follow my project.Feel free to contribute with all of your knowledge or just a little comment.

But first a warning. Not Celicastuff Im afraid. But then again. The car is a 95 Carina E Gti. The Celicas bigger brother:P, with 4 door and a liftback. Japanese made, originally sold in Germany and then imported to Denmark in 03. I bought this car in 2011. Did a few servicejobs to it, filters, oil, brakes, cambelt, rust protection and so on. Nothing crazy. Since then Ive just been driving it but during the last few years I noticed a need for a bigger service. I found oil in the plugholes, oil Down the right side of the engine and now again the need for a cambelt change. So for about a year now, Ive been thinking about taking the engine out which also would give me the chance to clean and paint my engine.

My car
Its born with the 3. gen. 3sge engine, SuperStrut suspension, 2 pot front brake calipers, aircon., electric sunroof and leather steeringwheel and gearknob:P. Ive read somewhere long time ago that only 177 examples were made of this car with this engine. Carina E Gtis were produced from 92-96. But only from 95 with the 3. gen 3sge.

As the racer I am (been racing 2 wheels and 4 wheels for like 15 years) my plans for it has developed to transforming it into a timeattack race car, although this branch of motorsport has not reached Denmark yet. The plans include 4 pot Celica Gt4 frontbrakes (already got them), e56 lsd gearbox (havent got it yet but know where to find it), hp level around 220 (currently 190 at the moment) by upping compression and installing hotter cams and a few other tricks:bandito: Im also planning on installing a lightweight flywheel and a new clutch, and other suspension. But as you all know, projects like this grows bigger as you progress and you meet all kinds of big and small bumps on your way. So, many more updates to follow this in the future.

03-31-2015, 10:07 AM
Looking forward to seeing more.

03-31-2015, 03:27 PM
^ Agreed.

Just because it's not a Celica doesn't mean you're not welcome here. It shares a lot of parts with the Celica. I've always been intrigued by the Beams/3sge motor family. I was really considering a Beams Red or Blacktop swap in my old 162 before I went turbo. I used to have a ST162 with the gen1 3sge and loved getting that thing wound up in the RPMs. We're really a bunch of motorheads and enjoy anything automotive.

Except Mustangs. We hate mustangs.

03-31-2015, 04:08 PM
When it comes to power, I know most people will say TURBO it, or BEAMS. But unfortunately both are no nos in my country due to technical regulations. My car has never been type-approved with any of those engines, so therefore not an option for me. I may be able to sneek a BEAMS through technical inspections, it still being a 3sge and NA. But since its still going to be my daily driver, it wouldnt be a smart thing to do from a insurance point of view. Another reason that I want to stick with the original engine is that I already have been down the turbo road. For 6 years I had a Bugeye Impreza ending up with almost 300 hp. So now Im ready for some screaming NA rpms. And I think this engine is capable of some good power. Its got 280.000 kms under the belt, but uses no oil or water. When I change the oil after 10.000 kms the oil is still only light brown. A Little more than a year ago I took it on the rollers, and it made 188 hp on 95 pump gas. We have 98 here, so that would have been 190 hp easily on the good gas. This engine is supposed to make 175 hp stock. The mods are only a free flow exhaust, KN panel filter and a lightweight crank pulley so far.
So its a good strong engine to start with, but my concerns are about reliability it being a dd. The goal is in the region of 220-230 hp. To reach this Im going to up the compression, install hotter cams, a little bit of port n polish to the head, and of course supporting mods like fuel and ignition. Do you think I need to change the bearings as a precaution? and how much material can I shave off the head? Ive read somewhere once that 1mm is ok.

To go fast you need to be able to slow down fast. Gt4 315mm TRD discs and pads :-)

03-31-2015, 04:32 PM
Well thanks for the warm welcome guys :-) I tried to attach a picture of a test fitment of the big brakes behind 16" alloys, but the picture managing program in here wouldnt allow me no matter how much I resized it. So I went out in my garage, and took a boring picture of my brakes on a shelf. I got a lot of pictures of projects Ive done so far, but I fear Im gonna have problems getting them in here. I see that theres also some kind of limit to how many KBs I can use. And I dont seem to be able to delete the old pictures:smackass:

03-31-2015, 06:01 PM
Except Mustangs. We hate mustangs.

Effing Mustangs.

04-01-2015, 06:54 PM
more pictures of the car please

04-15-2015, 04:04 PM
Would love to post pictures but Im having problems doing that.

Im searching for info on tuning the 3sge 3. gen. (175 hp). If you have experience with this engine please contribute.

1. how much do you think I can safely shave off the cylinder head to up the compression?
2. Is the oe fuel supply sufficient for something like 220 hp (N/A)?

Im thinking about shaving off 1 mm from the cylinder head. I read about this subject somewhere but would like a second opinion on this. Ive been told that the cambelt tensioner will take up the slack, but Im concerned about knock/detonation due to too high compression. Im planning to run it on the original ecu, and getting the original injectors cleaned with ultrasound. Im thinking about upping the fuelpressure with an adjustable fpr, or perhaps installing a high flow fuelpump for safety. Im going to run mild street cams, 264*, along with adjustable camgears, cai and a lightweight flywhel. I have a free flow 2,5" exhaust, lightweight crank pulley. At the moment its making 190 hp on 98 octane.

04-15-2015, 05:22 PM
Sounds like a good plan. Tell me the oe pump and injector specs and Ill figure out the max safe HP on those items.

05-03-2015, 10:59 PM
Andy, Thanks for contributing. What I found out so far is that the oe injectors delivers circa 300 ml/h (they are lightgreen in colour). The oe pump I have no specs on unfortunately.