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02-26-2015, 03:49 AM
I recently acquired a 95 Celica Coupe 2.2 L Auto and I'm making it my hobby project to get the car back to its former glory. It's done over 330,000 kms so I'm hoping to eventually recondition or drop a new engine into it. I'm pretty amateur when it comes to cars in general so I was hoping some enthusiasts out there might drop me some gems of wisdom. I'm specifically interested in what engines might be applicable to the car outside the stock issue. Anyway, love this site and I'm glad I found it.


02-26-2015, 05:38 AM
Welcome aboard and congratulations on the Celica.

There are a few engine sets that can go into it, but most opt for the 3S-GTE 2.0L turbocharged variant (200BHP/200ft/lb).
You would want to complete a manual transmission swap as well if going that route. Not too difficult as long as you have all the parts ready to go.
Find a half cut from an ST205 (the last generation Celica GT4) and swap over what you need if it is an option since it should contain all the parts for the job and you won't get nickel and dimed to death.

Or, just refresh the current engine, make the car pretty and do it up with a proper stereo system.

Either way, it is a great car that if well maintained will bring you years of driving pleasure.
We are here to help you along as you need. I highly recommend searching the archives and reading all you can to prepare yourself as well as to explore your options.

- Mario

02-26-2015, 08:15 AM
I was gunna say something awesome, but shadowlife beat me to it :)

So, I'll stick with welcome!

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02-26-2015, 08:48 AM
My favorite radio host (former pro skater) is from Australia.

I also have the coupe version that I'm hoping to restore.