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01-13-2015, 07:57 PM
Back in July, I started realizing I needed to ditch the SUV and Luxury car scene for something more economical. I never thought I'd wind up in an XB, as I still don't like the exterior looks, but for me, this car has turned out to be a blessing. I parted ways with my Lexus, and found this XB locally.

2005 Camo XB five speed

It was a one owner car before me, and well maintained with the exception of some rock chips on the hood.

Six months in, I've not had any issues with it, sans the typical door lock issues.

No plans for it really, as I have other cars to spend my fun money on, but that doesn't mean I can't make this XB stand out a little more from stock form.


This is the night I picked it up. No modifications at this point.


After this, I really hated the wheel covers. I've never hated a feature on a car I've owned more than these covers, so I set out to find some different ones. I couldn't find anyone willing to trade, which I can't blame them. One day, I was at our local "Pick Your Part" yard and noticed they had some NIB wheel covers on the wall. One set stood out to me. 02-05 Camry 15" covers for $19.99. So, I picked them up!

This is a picture of the difference. The back one is the Camry cover, the front is the factory Scion cover.


This shot is the other side with both installed. Big difference, right?


My next annoyance were the covers for the fog lights. I don't like the look of something that's supposed to be there being covered up. So, I researched the fog light modification. Once I figured you just needed to order the eBay kit with switch, and then hunt for a relay, I did some homework and got a few random relays from older Toyotas at the junk yard. Instead of spending a lot of money on a new OEM relay, I found a part number to cross-reference at the auto parts store. Of course, that relay didn't actually work (Defect), so I went to my bag of random Toyota relays and found one that did! Installation was super easy.

Lights off.


Lights on


With Silverstar bulbs in both the fog lights and headlights, the light output is much better than stock. My car still had the Koito bulbs in the headlights.

Next up, was to get Toyota emblems for the car. Just a personal preference in changing emblems over. I did this in a way that is easily converted to stock Scion badges if the next owner decides to go back. I ordered a 2006-2012 Camry trunk emblem for the rear, used a TOYOTA script emblem on the hatch left side, and a 90's Camry trunk logo for the grille on the front. I removed the front Scion emblem, exposing the mount for the BB emblem. I then Plasti-Dipped the grille black and used 3M emblem adhesive to place the Toyota badge over the BB mount and Plasti-Dip. This way, if the next owner decides to go back, all that needs to happen is to pick off the Dip and emblems, and the install the OEM emblems. This will not leave any marks or damage to the paint or body panels.





Browsing eBay, I found Toyota Center cap decals that would fit in the center of my Camry wheel covers, since they were generic with no logo.


Since I bought the car, I really hated the TYC tail lights that were installed. So, I set out find someone local that had the OEM clear tail lights. My goal is to "red-out" the upper portion of the assemblies and leave the reverse light clear. This will make the back end look a little less goofy and more traditional.

Finally found a set.


I haven't had time yet to red the lights, but that will come shortly.

A friend of mine recently bought a newer car. The owner gave him a Jensen flip out touch screen radio with the car, but since my friend didn't want that radio, he decided to give it to me for helping him locate his new car. While I absolutely dislike flip-out radios, this works for the price! At some point I will get a traditional 7" non-flip out touch screen. I didn't like that my OEM radio didn't have a aux jack or USB port, so this works well for my iPod.


If I could find a nice Toyota badge to cover the Scion logo, I'd put one on. I'd rather not spend money on a different steering wheel.

Here are a few other pics from yesterday. We've had a rough January here in Indiana, so yesterday was the first time above freezing temperatures that I could wash the car.



Next up is to tint the front two windows.

All the car needs is a new windscreen. A rock hit it and I have a little crack. It's not horrible, but before I sell the car in a few years, I'll replace that.

Inside, I've installed a silver aluminum shift knob that I had laying around. The OEM one was kind of ugly, and my silver one goes nicely with the silver accents throughout the car. Additionally, in the blank punch panels below the climate control and storage bin, I installed two heated seat switches from an IS300, with wiring. I have a pair of heated seat pads that I need to install. Unfortunately, with my schedule, it will have to wait until summer when I have better access to my garage. I also have the soft Scion cargo cover that I got online, brand new, for $30!

That's pretty much it. Just a clean DD that gets driven easily. I'm averaging about 40MPG and loving it. With fuel prices so low, it's really nice to have a vehicle that I can get change back on a $20 to fill my tank from near empty!

01-13-2015, 08:05 PM
Another mod I will be doing is to find a 2003-07ish Pontiac Vibe wiper stalk. This bolts in and plugs in directly to the XB column with no modifications.


The XB has four speeds for the wipers up front: Bump up once for a one time wipe, Kinda slow, pretty fast, and unnecessarily fast. The rear also has a constant on or fluid stream with constant on. The Vibe had intermittent front wipers front and back(I think the back was). Regardless, it would be a nice upgrade.

Additionally, a cruise control kit will be ordered at some point. Cruise control was not an option on the first gen XB, so adding it would be a nice touch. Rostra makes a kit that is commonly used and widely recommended with XB owners that have installed the kit.

I also tried to install a rear view mirror assembly from a 94 4Runner. It has dome lights, which the XB does not have. It does have the typical center mount light in the headliner, but with how spacious the inside is, I feel like it needs more lighting. Unfortunately, the Runner mirror wouldn't work.

01-13-2015, 08:43 PM
I have a friend with one of these and he has it jap'd out. Slammed down, hellaflush, LED everywhere, etc. It looks pretty sick to be honest. I'd rock it. If I had one though I'd like the tC.

01-13-2015, 09:01 PM
I looked for a TC. Many I looked at at rebuilt titles, and they still wanted the same price as the ones that didn't. I didn't really feel like driving to Chicago (Rather, I didn't have the time) to find a car. Not many good cars get posted on my local CL, and this just happened to pop up in the next town over. The resale value on the XB's is ridiculous around here.

I had only driven one of these XB's a few times. I was always impressed with the interior space. It's ugly, but for a while, it will work. I just got so sick of spending so much in fuel with my Jeeps and then the Lexus that I decided to get something economical for a change. I don't feel like owning a DD for my DD, which was considered. I had thought about keeping my old XJ and buying a Camry or a 5th gen beater to save on gas, but I figured it would just be a better financial move to buy something newer and not have a bunch of vehicles.

01-13-2015, 09:09 PM
I hear you on the fuel cost. One of the reasons I picked up this bike. The money I'm saving in fuel pays for 75% of the monthly payment on the bike.

01-13-2015, 10:03 PM
Yeah, it's really nice to just have a car that I can get in, drive, and not give a damn because it's so good on gas.

I miss having a bike, but I'm thinking next year I'll buy one. Probably going with a Honda VTX1300R this time.

02-06-2015, 06:05 AM
I'm probably a year behind but what happened to the is300 sportcross? Love those cars