View Full Version : Figuring out aftermarket stereo install into 2007 Honda Accord 6-6MT w/Nav

01-05-2015, 01:31 PM
Thinking I may just go ahead and attempt this after all. :)

I have the cubby in the front dash and I refuse to lose the factory HVAC and Navigation.
After talking with a few other competitors that are intimately familiar with the Honda w.Nav system the general consensus was to just leave it alone and do a separate install, leaving the factory setup intact.

I think the best way to do this will require me to find a rare little single din center channel speaker to allow use of the Navigation system without cutting anything up or losing use of a driver. I am fairly certain the unit was made by Alpine but is now out of production, so I may have to wait a while.

I would reuse the Alpine amplifier I have in the AllTrac now and more likely than not just leave the factory drivers alone since I won't be able to replace them with anything significantly better or without significant modification.

I want simplicity in the install and am working on a budget of zero dollars so it will mostly be using/recycling what I have.

I also have an Pioneer 80PRS head unit that has a lot of really nice features like bluetooth, dual USB inputs and mp3 decoding etc. (AM/FM/CD as well) It alsho has a really nice crossover system that will be great for a 2 way + sub configuration. (Hi/Mid/Sub)
I look forward to seeing how well it does with the factory placement of drivers in the car. Even as it is now, the tweeters are really well placed for a stock car and the door drivers are capable of playing fairly cleanly down to about 100Hz, so it should work out well once I get things dialed in.

Ideally I would set up some A pillar tweeters but that is something pretty time consuming and that requires a fair amount of experience working with fiberglass, of which I have none. So it will wait until I have time to get together with a semi local member to fabricate them under his tutelage.

I will reuse the current subwoofer from the AllTrac. 10" illusion Audio ND10 from the original run back in the 90's. It is on it's last legs and needs a rebuild since I can hear some issues as it travels along the path of the VC amd the surround is starting to separate. Sometimes you can hear it scratching especially if you try to play down below 80Hz. If I keep it above there it does ok, so should work out until it won't. :D

So with that HU and the alpine amp, I have the 5 channels I need to run the front tweets and mids plus the sub. Just need to figure it all out and plan the time to do it once I get things together.

The wiring for the amplifier power as well as the RCAs will come from the AllTrac also.

Not going to deaden anything since it isn't in the budget, but I figure just adding a bit more power and a subwoofer and the crossover section of the HU should do pretty nicely once it is all set up.

Thoughts or suggestions are welcome.

- Mario

01-05-2015, 07:09 PM
Following. I need to do this to mine too, but I just dont know how much I care.

However, if you DO end up doing this, I want your dealy that DIG sent you. Maybe Ill trade you some gear for it.

01-06-2015, 12:43 AM
Did you ever hook up the one I already sent you? That should work nicely in the mean time. It should be no problem though.
First step is hunting down the center channel speaker. Then I can progress to the rest. Should only take me a weekend to do it.

david in germany
01-30-2015, 10:24 AM
Mario, I have a half din center channel speaker that may work..

01-30-2015, 11:55 PM
Mario, I have a half din center channel speaker that may work..

That would be awesome. Let me know. :)

02-03-2015, 02:07 AM
Why do you need a center? That seems kind of odd.

02-03-2015, 06:45 AM
Because once I switch over to an aftermarket deck, I will still need a center channel speaker in order to make use of the navigation features of the factory Nav HU since I plan to retain it.
Get what I am saying?
The factory HU plays through all the speakers in order to issue Nav guidance. If I switch everything over to an aftermarket HU, then I will lose that functionality.
So the solution is to take one of the factory inputs and route it to the center channel speaker. This then frees up the other existing drivers to play from the new aftermarket source while retaining my Nav functions.