View Full Version : Houston, Tx Autonation Meet & Greet (10/25/14 @ 11A)

07-16-2014, 07:08 PM
Herro Cerica famiry!

On October 25th from 11A-3P, some of the Houston Supra fellas were able to speak with the GM at the AutoNation Toyota dealership in allowing us to have a meet at the dealership and they have given us the thumbs up! We invite you and your family to come be a part of this with us!

We are trying to set up some stuff for the kiddos like a bounce castle and possibly something Halloween related since Halloween is around the corner the following Friday. If you guys have any other ideas, that would be awesome and please do pass on the ideas.

If we can get enough Celicas out, I'll see if we can set up a dedicated section for you guys!

We currently have about 25 Supras or so lined up (some arriving from Austin/San Antonio and Dallas) and we're trying to source someone with a MK1 to showcase.

Depending on how well this meet does, we will be doing a bigger one that will collaborate the Toyota/Scion/Lexus spectrum much like how Gillman Subaru does or used to do.

I will update this post with more info as they come up!

Hope to see you guys out there!