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06-28-2014, 11:59 PM
My brother from another mother decided to give me his not so parts car parts car.
So now I own a 89 supra turbo.

The funny thing about this car is that we were going to repair the bhg , swap the aftermarket and mint interior into his supra but he ran out of time before he left to do mission trips for the church.

If the bottom end is good all I gotta do is put it back togather and do some light body work and it will be good to go. I rode in that car and drove it in its glory days and it is fast, very fast.


A. I'm almost done building the truck and have been tinkering with the gts so it's prob gonna be next year before I really get into it.
B. I now own 4 cars :/. Though my gf loves em all so I'm good :). She actually got me a storage room for it :D

06-29-2014, 01:08 AM
You only have four hoopties? I am not buying that.

06-29-2014, 01:15 AM
3 hooptiies, camry is I'm great shape

david in germany
06-29-2014, 09:35 AM
7mgte Camry swap FTW! Lux sleeper.

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06-30-2014, 06:05 AM
I so wish the 3rd gen Camry was rwd. But then they would go for 6-8 grand around here instead of 2-5k. I think ima luck out cause my homie at ss performance exhaust has a nice built 7m and several parts cars. He said just let him know when I get ready to start on it.

I've already figured out ima paint it some shade o white with a black belt molding on mk4 16's. Though it comes with 17s and I have a set of 18s but the 1st way is how I want it to look

07-03-2014, 07:22 PM
Boost time

07-04-2014, 08:26 AM
You want a spearco front mount, piping, T4 flanged header or any other stuff? I've still got a fair bit of 7m junk laying around that I haven't really tried to sell but don't really need to keep.