View Full Version : Rear Main seal and retainer????

05-02-2014, 03:10 AM
Ok fellow brothers and sisters here's my situation. I have a [supposed] st165 block and another {supposed} st165 block and using the new oil pump, new belt tenchner off of my 3600.00 $ paper weight, I get to the rear new oil seal and retainer and it is to big for my other block!!! The engine I am building is supposed to be a st165, but the fly wheel end of the crank is smaller and has about 3/16th of an " clearance around the end of the crank. I ordered a new st165 retainer and seal from Toyota and it was the same as the one I had. So what 3sgte engine do I have that takes the smaller oil seal and retainer???
Toyota said that the part # is the same for the st165 and the st185. So how about some advice from the real people who know what they are doing.

05-04-2014, 06:53 PM
Found out that there is a difference between the years of 3sgte engines. Don't know for sure if there is in the st165 early to latter years, but there is a difference in the st165's and the st185's. But Toyota only gives out the same parts # for all years of Celica All-tracs.

On the block that I have, it requires the oil retainer with the smaller oil seal. The oil seal retainer of all years will exchange through out all the years. But there is a difference in the size of the oil seals, one being smaller and the other being larger. So when you go to the dealers, take your oil seal retainer with you to show them the size you need.