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04-20-2014, 07:18 PM
We are meeting at Jubitz Truck Stop (on the diner side with the gas pumps) 10210 N. VANCOUVER WAY, PORTLAND, OR 97217 Meet up time is 10am and roll out is at 10:30am. If you know you're running late, you can meet us up the route a little bit by cruising the freeway until Troutdale if you miss us.

From there we'll hit Marine Dr on out towards Troutdale and go the Old Historic Hwy. If parking is available, we'll make a quick stop at the viewpoint for photo ops, etc. We'll take the Historic Hwy again and possibly stop at Multnomah Falls, but parking here can be insane so we may just cruise through. From the falls we'll continue down the highway until we meet up with I-84. Here we'll get some speed on the freeway towards the Cascade Locks "Bridge of the Gods". Depending on how many cars there are, we'll try to stop for shots under the bridge. After that we'll hit the bridge. (**DON'T FORGET ITS $1 TO CROSS**)

Once we cross, we'll come back towards town via the Washington side's twisty SR14. Will stop for lunch on our way back. Location to be determined.

https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=10210+N+Vancouver+Way%2C+Portland%2C+OR +97217&daddr=45.5585701%2C-122.4417234+to%3A1262+Crown+Point+Hwy%2C+Portland% 2C+OR+to%3A45.5180796%2C-122.3526801+to%3A40700+East+Historic+Columbia+Rive r+Highway+Corbett%2C+OR+97019+to%3AMultnomah+Falls +Lodge%2C+East+Historic+Columbia+River+Highway%2C+ Bridal+Veil%2C+OR+to%3A45.5962757%2C-122.0515882+to%3AWa+Na+Pa+St+to%3ASE+2nd+Ave&hl=en&ll=45.589897%2C-122.342548&spn=0.089615%2C0.181789&sll=45.583012%2C-122.367434&sspn=0.002545%2C0.005681&geocode=FSS9twIdaDqw-Ck9Z4lTOKaVVDErKX7acwxbhA%3BFSortwIdBbCz-Cn9TN0M2KKVVDHRoMJqoYc4hg%3BFZHdtgIdE7K0-ClDaIFL4peVVDEmcDrJSsM9ew%3BFf-MtgId2Au1-CndAkPKkZeVVDGhIzMv4mS8NA%3BFXLdtgIdBrK2-CmDqdlrLJSVVDG0O7qWKyjY1A%3BFe50twId6qK4-CEbz2JGysT9cSklpiY2HuuVVDEbz2JGysT9cQ%3BFXO-twId_KO5-CkDYKdE0uuVVDFnD-8yotcoWQ%3BFRG-uAIdfPu7-A%3BFV-KtwIdtsy0-A&t=h&mra=mi&mrsp=8&sz=18&via=1%2C3%2C6&z=13

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05-14-2014, 04:35 AM
I just called tonight to let them know. Lunch will be at "Top Burger Drive In" at 1436 NE Everett St, Camas, WA. (360) 834-3867. Parking sucks, but there's a park across the street.