View Full Version : 3sge surging

04-14-2014, 02:11 AM
pretty simple. start my 3sge, let it warm (or not), push in the clutch, select 1st gear, slowly let up on the clutch and mildly apply gas - it surges like it wants to launch (drag strip style).

i have replaced all vacuum lines. i have bled the coolant system of air pockets. i have inspected the TPS and AFM - both are within spec.

the o2 sensor, clutch, flywheel and injectors have 4000 miles on them total. i have never launched on this engine and the engine was fully rebuilt.

previously, the surging was so bad that the TPS was destroyed (smashed against the rear firewall). i replaced the TPS with a new Toyota TPS - inspected and zero'd it out.

the air filter is in good condition. the oil and oil filters are all in good condition.

i even tried spraying carb cleaner all around the throttle body and top AND bottom of the intake manifold - the idle did not stutter or bog at all.

also... just to add even more confusion. if i am SUPER gentle on the clutch/gas, it will move forward as if everything is normal and i take slam the gas pedal straight to the floor - the engine will accelerate all the way past 7000rpms without any hesitation or stutter.

04-14-2014, 03:49 AM
I'd check the clutch