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04-01-2014, 12:32 AM
So Im doing a top end on a customers car and wanted to know if you could give me a list of gaskets that are included in this (http://www.lithiatoyotaparts.com/parts/1993/Toyota/Pickup/SR5?siteid=215542&vehicleid=83917&section=ENGINE&group=CYLINDER%20HEAD%20%26%20VALVES&subgroup=CYLINDER%20HEAD%20%26%20VALVES&component=VALVE%20GRIND%20GASKET%20KIT) kit:

Also, is there a part number for a tube of FIPG?

Im assuming it includes a HG? but what else?

Im fixing another mechanics failed head replacement job and this motor was a complete rebuild 2 years ago (2 failed headgaskets since then...seriously). Off the top of your head can you think of any other gaskets/parts that wouldnt come in this kit, that I would likely want to replace for this job?

Note: I will be pulling the pan to take a look inside and check the bearings, but I dont know yet if it will need anything in the bottom end. As such Im not going with a bottom end kit until I do. I'm planning to just FIPG the pan for re-installation.

Thanks Tracy.

EDIT: Also, do you guys sell a kit for doing a timing belt replacement or can you give me the part numbers for all required components
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04-01-2014, 09:55 PM
If your just working on the top end, that kit will work great. Here are the numbers-
04112-35330 GASKET KI
00295-00103 FIPG OIL

As for the timing belt, did you mean chain or are you working on a different engine. The 22RE has a chain in it. Let me know and i can get you that info too.


04-02-2014, 05:14 AM
oops, Im sorry, the edited part request was for a 2UZ in a 06 4runner.

(my fingers arent as fast a my brain)

04-07-2014, 06:46 PM
No worries, happens to me all the time. Here are the numbers you asked for plus a few more.

Thanks, Tracy

90311-A0001 SEAL,CRANK
90916-02585 BELT, V-R
96761-35035 RING, O
96761-24019 RING, O
16100-59275-83 PUMP ASSY
90311-71002 SEAL, CAM X 2
13540-50030 TENSIONER
13503-0F010 IDLER SUB
13505-0F010 IDLER SUB
13568-09070 BELT, TIM