View Full Version : Timmah has a new project

03-17-2014, 03:50 AM

This trailer belonged to a friend's deceased brother of my father inlaw. It's been sitting outside for who knows how long and needs a good restoration/rebuild project. I've been wanting a trailer, the price was right ($0.00) and it's a good axle starting point.

It's a 4x8 trailer. I'm debating of keeping at a 4x8 or possibly just scrapping the whole frame and starting over and resulting in a 6x12 trailer.

Off hand, I don't like the tongue and ball receiver on it. I'd like a lever style in lieu of the twist lock. I'd also rather have a A-shape tounge for the added strength and also to stick a toolbox on (which would be great for keeping the tie straps, tools, gear other random crap in).

Along with the re-vamped tongue I'm thinking of a drop-down rear gate (for easier loading) and also the ability to drive an ATV into the bed of the truck without having to disconnect the trailer.

I'm not sure what the axle is rated at. It's sitting on some leaf springs. Overall the axle & springs and basic frame are in good shape. Not sure if I'm going to tear it down further or just build onto it to enlarge the deck size.