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09-02-2013, 04:16 PM
So I recently bought a 6th gen 1997 liftback st limited edition. Was parked for 5 years because the clutch went out. I did all the usual things to bring her back to life. all new fluids, new plugs and wires, dropped the gas tank and cleaned it all out and filled with good gas. When i tried to fire her up i got no fuel, fuel pump wouldnt kick on. So i bought a new one and slapped it in. She fired right up. ran great, dropped tranny and put a new clutch in. Drove it around flawlessly for the next 2 weeks.
Day before yesterday I tried to fire it up , and no fuel again. pump wouldnt kick on again. So i cursed napa under my breath and took the new pump out and exchanged it for a new one. Put it all together and it wouldnt kick on. Pulled it all apart to make sure i didnt over look something and put it back together again. Then she kicked on. I fired it up and turned it off a few times in my driveway. Decided to take it to the car wash. After washing her i hopped in and turned the key. ruh ruh ruh ruh ruh, turned key off and tried again, ruh ruh ruh and she fired up. Thought it may have been air in the line? anyway went to wal mart. when i came out of the store and tried to fire it up, ruh ruh ruh, key off, ruh ruh ruh, key off ruh ruh ruh etc. she wouldnt fire. i pulled the back seat up and took the line apart right off the pump assembly and cranked it. ruh ruh ruh no fuel out the top of the pump and couldnt hear it kick on.... so my poor celi is stuck in walmart parking lot ( damn you bad luck!!!!) does anyone have any ideas? heres the important info.

This is the second new fuel pump in 2 weeks , changed filter and strainer on pump with both changes.
I have constant power when the key is on to the green/yellow wire at the plug to the pump.
Tried jumping +b and fp in the diagnostic box with no change.
efi fuse is good
tried to pull efi relay but the black shell case broke off although all the copper leads are intact and i get power when checked with a test light.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated guys. thanks in advance

david in germany
09-02-2013, 04:53 PM
This is why most of us recommend Oem Toyota parts. If you are getting power to all the correct points... Take the pump back and get your money back then head to Toyota for a new pump.
I had similar issues in the 80s on my 280z, high flow pump from the local parts dealer car ran then died. Got a dealer pump, no more issues.

09-02-2013, 11:35 PM
So, I pulled the AC relay out of the box under the hood and stuck it in the efi slot. BOOM fired right up. hmmmm is air conditioning worth the little $90 piece of plastic and copper wire....? probly